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Download for SpyVision 1.5 (free)

SpyVision – is the program which allows disabling built into the computer by its manufacturer a spying system.

The utility is designed for disabling the program LoJack, which is built into the computer Bios microscheme.
SpyVision provides a convenient and easy in usage program with intuitive clear design. For using the program you should press only one button and it will find and offer to disable a computer spying system. That is all you should do.

SpyVision is a handy application designed to detect and disable LoJack, a tracking system built into the Bios microscheme.

The intuitive design makes the program easy to use. Simply press a button to scan your computer and find out if the spying system is installed.

Please, note:
- The next time the program should be run only after the reinstalling the OS Windows.
- The program does not conflict with the available anti-virus applications.
Both 32 - and 64-bit OS are supported.




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